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Neverwinter Nights

On the King's Road, less than a day from Neverwinter, the party encountered a young man in full armor riding a white stead.  He introduced himself as Cyrus of House Redstone of the city of Goldport, a paladin of Avandra.  He had traveled from his home far to the south to what he called the "untamed North".  Traveling alongside the party the group witnessed a flock of griffins attacking the farmsteads outside the walls of Neverwinter as they approached the city.  The adventurers worked together to fend off the avian assault to the gratitude of the farmers and guards.  After entering the city the party went their separate ways.

Bildar returned to his private investigation agency.  Milo explored the unfamiliar city, encountering a group of acolytes preaching the superiority of dragon-kind and the goddess Tiamat.  He witnessed a group of knights break up the impromptu sermon before setting off to the market.  Kell, who since his resurrection had suffered recurring nightmares involving the battles between orcs and dwarves in Wave Echo Cave, sought out an old acquaintance, Yamu.  He ran a business he called the Dream Palace, where customers could live through old memories or even entirely new ones.  But to his surprise when entering, he found himself in a pocket version of the Plane of Air, and discovered Yamu was a genie.  Yamu offered to help Kell with his problem the next day, and until then he could enjoy the company of his wives and the pleasures of his personal realm.

Cyrus's first stop was the shrine of Avandra, tucked away on a hill near the outer city walls.  There the local priest offered a vision he had; that Cyrus would see a guiding light in the night, and that it was a sign he must follow.  Meanwhile Milo, while enjoying a new treat called cotton candy, was confronted by a tiefling who inquired as to where Lithil was.  At the same time, Lithil arrived at her home in the River district she shared with the tiefling named Matthew.  There, two members of the Red Arrow were waiting for her and demanded they accompany her to the organizations hideout.  Using the Spider Staff she took from the Black Spider she temporarily outran them before agreeing to go with the pair.

Lithil was surprised to see the Red Arrow's hideout packed and busy.  The organization was normally very loosely run by their local leader, Ashby, and the primary hideout, formerly a dwarven crypt, went completely unused.  But instead the hideaway was packed to brim with supplies and members.  Dormitories had been arranged and a number of members Lithil didn't recognize were milling about.  Lithil was led to an office occupied by Rao, a long time member, and a half-orc woman named Sinough she had never met.  Rao explained he was not in charge of the organization's Neverwinter branch, and that they needed to know where Ashby was.  The pair also pressed Lithil on her loyalties to this new Red Arrow, and ultimately locked Lithil in what was to be her new dorm.  Mistrustful of their intentions, the druid escaped the hideout in spider form.

In the fields of Elysium, domain of the god Pelor, Agnus Tectite trained.  Upon first arriving there he was greeted by Thrannoc Forgeaxe, a fellow dwarf cleric of Pelor.  The long dead priest reveled that Agnus had been transported to his god's realm after his boy was nearly destroyed by the positive energy of the spell he cast to revive Sildar.  Thrannoc had been requested to train Agnus while his body released the excess positive energy, as the younger dwarf had a divinely ordained purpose back in the Material Plane.  When the time came, Agnus was told he would arrive in Neverwinter to rejoin his companions.  But while he was warped to the city, he found himself within the Chasm, a giant fissure in the city that opened when Mount Hotenow erupted twenty years ago.  The guards were amazed when the dwarf arrive at the cities wall, warning of the danger he had seemingly placed himself in.

As the day continued the various party members met up, and Lithil briefly returned home before deciding to seek shelter elsewhere lest he former comrades found her.  The entire group met up at the Driftwood Tavern, a small establishment near the docks.  The party shared the odd encounters they each had in the city, before following Cyrus out of the building as he followed a strange light.  Arriving at the docks the party was ambushed by a group of criminals.  At first they seemed to be the usual bunch of brigands, but some of the members revealed themselves to be wererats, and a few were members of the Cult of the Dragon, including one who could breathe fire as if he was a dragon.

The party defeated all but one of the attackers, who attempted to escape into the sewers.  His route was cut off by Matthew and two of his tiefling allies, Sin and Pighead.  The trio had been tracking the wererats, members of a gang known as the Dead Rats, through the sewers in an attempt to find their hideout.  Matthew was relieved to find Lithil, who he wanted to warn of the strange turn the Red Arrow had taken.  The group returned to the Driftwood Tavern to discuss matters in a safer environment, and also to address a strange bite wound Milo had obtained in the combat.

Though the tavern's proprietor seemed unhappy to see him, Matthew felt comfortable in the small inn and revealed that the Red Arrow had joined with the Zhentarim, the Black Network.  Ashby had gone into hiding and was waiting to meet up with Lithil.  Matthew on his part was trying to remove the Dead Rats from the city, both to rid himself of the competition and because the gang was also a part of the Zhentarim.  Before leaving he warned Milo to have his wound looked at, lest he also become a wererat.  Agnus promised to remove the curse after praying the following morning.

The group tried to enjoy a hot meal and drinks, but were interrupted by the appearance of several strange monsters burrowing from the floor and breaking through the walls.  They killed the creatures and kept them from destroying the entire establishment, but the panic and bells ringing through the streets meant that more were appearing throughout the city.  Madame Rosene encourage them to head to the inner wall, as the source of the creatures was most likely the Chasm.  Arriving at the wall, the group encountered a large apelike creature, a demon called a Barlgura.  To the amazement of the guards the party were able to slay the monster, and were rewarded by the head of the guard on the wall, Durham Shaw.

The next morning, as Agnus removed the wererat curse on Milo, the party discussed the various issues both they and the town faced.  Cyrus was concernen he had met an imposter priest at the shrine to Avandra, Kell had faced another night of little sleep and terrible dreams, Lithil was likely being hunted by the Red Arrow, and the Dead Rats were also a concern.  The party first confronted to the supposed priest of Avandra.



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