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The Story so Far

The party was first assembled to escort a caravan to Phandalin by the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker.  Each member traveled to the small settlement for personal reasons, but all found themselves wrapped in an adventure to find a long lost mine and defeat the Black Spider, who organized the various villains of the region.  The druid Lithil, ranger Kell, warlock Milo, and wizard Bildar found themselves joined by the cleric Agnus and fought all manners of goblins, bandits, undead, and even blood seeking plants.   They fought off a green dragon and allied with agents of various organizations before finally capturing the Black Spider and guaranteeing Phandalin the wealth of Wave Echo Cave.

In Neverwinter, Bildar departed the party, but in his stead they were joined by the paladin Cyrus of house Redstone and were reunited with Agnus, who had been transported to the fields of Elysium.  Here, they helped Lithil combat in former allies in the Red Arrow, who had allied themselves with the Zhentarim.  They battled dragon cultists, wererats, and an array of assassins as they found themselves tied up in the conflict between the cities self-proclaimed Lord Protector and the revolutionary groups opposing him.   After eliminating the various connections the Zhentarim had established in the city, the group has now arrived in the north of Neverwinter Woods, which has been corrupted by the green dragon they previously wounded but were unable to kill.  This time, they do not intend to make the same mistake.



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