A paladin of Avandra and son of House Redstone


Cyrus grew up as a noble in the city of Goldport, the second son of a wealthy trading family. His family owed it’s fortune to a lucky storm that had swept away several competitor’s ships, and so it was traditional for one member of each generation to enter the clergy as a worshipper of Avandra. As such, at the age of eleven, Cyrus was taken to join the Cathedral of Avandra. The wealth of the family was never far away, though, and Cyrus grew up in as much luxury as the monastic life could provide. Cyrus was never one for book-learning though, and instead concentrated on the art of combat, and on channelling the power of Avandra magically. From his uncle Cleos, and from his time serving in the slums around goldport, he learned compassion for his fellow being, and when he reached the age of majority, swore a public oath to protect the weak and innocent from those who would prey upon them. Instead of opting to do that in Goldport, Cyrus chose to head north, to the lands around Neverwinter he had learned to think of as wild and lawless.

Now a roaming do-gooder and preacher, Cyrus spreads the word of liberation, justice, and freedom to the common people of the lands, whether they wish it or not. Sometimes he appears suffused with the light of Avandra, the rich glow of light on gold coins. His armor gleams, his hair flows in the breeze – and his holy mount, a white charger named Windstrider – carries him from city to city


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