A druid and rogue, trained in two different worlds.


After arriving in Neverwinter, having seen human civilization for the very first time after her sheltered life, she found her way to a bad part of the city. Being unknown with human customs or disorder in society overall, she did not expect the thieves who attacked her. Having lost her most important possessions, including her prized spellbook containing all her research, she was alone and desperate with no way to find the way back home. This is when the order of the red arrow found her.

The order took her in, as is their custom. Some would say they help the weak, others would say they exploit the vulnerable. Either way, alone and far away from home she did not have much of a choice. As per the order’s code, she was allowed one favor to be executed by one of the highest ranked members. She chose to get her spellbook back.

A few days later, a ranger named Ashby Songsteel showed up at the new blood barracks. Saying she would be Lithil’s ‘welcome gift’, she took her along to find back her spellbook. During this day she met her future contact Matthew Storm, and did things she never thought she was capable of to get her possessions back.

In the 8 years that follow she would find herself becoming a valued member of the order of the red arrow and rise through the ranks to become one of the many heads of the organization. While this may sound like an important position, it is not. The order of the red arrow is loosely organized and not exactly powerful. It’s another assassin-for-hire group in another one of the many human cities. However, Lilith never thought of abandoning the order of the red arrow for greener pastures. These were the people who helped her get back on her feet when she was in trouble and she feels like it’s her duty to stick by them.

Feature: Criminal Contact “Matthew Storm”
The order of the red arrow is in many ways loosely organized. While the people on top trust each-other, it is the order’s tradition for every head to manage their own network of connections.

Matthew Storm is part of Lithil’s small network. Initially part of Ashby’s intelligence network, Matthew became the spymaster for Lithil. If there is any piece of information Lithil needs it is his job to get it before she knows she needs it.


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