Tag: PC


  • Cyrus

    Cyrus grew up as a noble in the city of Goldport, the second son of a wealthy trading family. His family owed it's fortune to a lucky storm that had swept away several competitor's ships, and so it was traditional for one member of each generation to …

  • Agnus Tectite

    Agnus grew up around the Church of Pelor in Waterdeep, where his father was a priest. After help defending his city from some Gnolls Agnus decided to also train in combat. As such, the church has sent him on a first mission to the town of Phandalin to …

  • Lithil

    After arriving in Neverwinter, having seen human civilization for the very first time after her sheltered life, she found her way to a bad part of the city. Being unknown with human customs or disorder in society overall, she did not expect the thieves …

  • Milo

    Exiled after breaking a very, very valuable lute that was about to be sold and bring lots of money to my town.